Photographic Exhibition Press Release

24 May 2017

 Press Release
Young People born around the time of the signing of the Good Friday Agreement articulate their views

It is often argued that there is a disconnect between what goes on at Stormont and the lived experiences of young people. It is claimed that many young people who were born around the time of the signing of the Good Friday Agreement are disillusioned and alienated from mainstream politics. Therefore there is a need to engage with those young people to get their views on what are the key issues and concerns they face in today’s society.
Community Dialogue, in conjunction with Youth Action NI organised a series of dialogues with a number of young people living in the city which was facilitated by Shane O’Connor, a locally based facilitator and Elena Hermosa an internationally renowned photographer. The project not only gauged the views of the young people but also enabled them to express those views through multi- media presentations. 
The young people come from a range of backgrounds and experiences. For example there is a visual and verbal presentation from a member of the transgender community who articulates the issues facing her as a transgender young person living in this city.  Another of the participants comes from a loyalist background and she recounts through narrative and photographs her family’s views of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement and her own views of where society is at today.
An exhibition of their multi-media work which reflects their views and experiences will be launched at St. Columb’s Park House on Wednesday 24th May at 7pm. All are welcome.
Contact: Jim O’Neill 07540524186